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Test and Tag

Don't be caught out with non-compliant equipment, Call us for reliable results. Our technicians are experts in testing and tagging.

Don't be caught out with non-compliant equipment

If you have come to this section then you now realise that IRONSTONE is a complete one stop service for all your compliance needs in Security, data, and fire safety.

Our technicians are, of course, also experts in testing and tagging. Qualified and experienced electricians using specialised test equipment to test insulation of cables and equipment. We also test earthing to make sure cables and equipment are safe and compliant.

All tests and repairs will be recorded in a final report for the owner and all equipment appropriately tagged. Repairs and maintenance on most equipment can be carried out on site if necessary. 

With Ironstone, there’s no need to call a separate technician to carry out repairs if your current test and tag tech is not qualified in this area!

Keep your business in line with WHS regulations.

Test and Tag Services:

  • RCD testing
  • Complete Installation testing for electricians and businesses
  • Thermal imaging
  • Generate test and tag equipment register with test results with automatic reminders every six to twelve months depending on your requirements
  • AED Inspection
  • Testing of single phase and three phase equipment
  • professional, honest, and friendly service

Electrical Compliance Testing

All our testing is completed against all the relevant Australian standards and codes, including but not limited to:

The National Construction Code (NCC)

AS 2444:2001
Selection and location of extinguishers and blankets

AS 1851:2012
Testing and maintenance of fire protection equipment

AS 1850:2009
Classification and performance of fire extinguishers

AS 2293:2019
Emergency lighting systems

AS 1670.1:2018
Fire detection and control indicating equipment

AS 3000: 2018
Testing and inspection of electrical installations
and equipment (wiring rules)